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Selling to Businesses

Guide to selling on Amazon Business

We've compiled a quick, but thorough guide to selling on Amazon Business, featuring answers to our top 20 of the most commonly asked questions.
March 28, 2019

Amazon Business helps business customers - from sole proprietors and SMBs to large corporations - discover, manage and engage with a wide range of suppliers. Consequently, it’s a great way for selling partners to reach millions of business customers worldwide and expand their businesses in ways that they never could before.

Selling partners on Amazon Business love the trusted e-commerce service, as well as the ability to reach registered business customers. Sellers also like that they can offer business-only pricing or quantity discounts and that they can restrict products to business customers. Through Amazon Business, sellers  from Amazon’s e-commerce expertise, visibility for their full product catalog on an established online store and have greater access to business customer decision makers to grow sales. Amazon Business is also compatible with the Fulfillment by Amazon service to meet rigorous delivery requirements expected by business customers.

Manufacturers love getting closer to their customers and having additional comprehend into customer needs, as well as how their products are being adopted in the industry.

Amazon Business has a selling partner certification program that allows third-party selling partners to feature and display one or more of 18 nationally-recognized diversity, ownership, and quality certifications. This includes certifications such as ISO: 9001 certified, small business, women-, minority- and veteran owned businesses to their seller profiles which will be displayed to business customers.

But many sellers and manufacturers still have questions about how Amazon Business can good for them. How do they get started? What are the specific features and designed with sellers in mind? If they’re already selling on, are they automatically eligible to be a Business Seller?

For the answers to these questions and more, we prepared a quick but thorough guide to selling on Amazon Business, featuring answers to 20 of your most commonly asked questions.

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